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SeaQuarium Weston is situated on it's own unique pier on Weston-super-Mare seafront. The aquarium showcases a range of freshwater, marine and tropical species from around the world in 10 different zones. There are over 30 exhibits including a Tropical Reef Zone with Puffer Fish, Rainforest River Zone with Piranha and Underwater Ocean Tunnel with sharks.

'Out of the Blue'... 

Discover the wonderful world of jellyfish and understand these beautiful creatures in our new area ‘Out of the Blue’ containing 2 species of Jellyfish. Named for their ghostly, translucent bells the moon jellies (Aurelia aurita) have delicate bodies that pulse and drift with the effortless grace of a ballerina. 

Also displayed is the upside down jellyfish (Cassiopea sp.) which are not like any other jellyfish. Pink with blue patterns on their tentacles they prefer to keep their flattened bells on the sea floor with their tentacles raised.


See the distant relatives of the creatures that made the first steps onto dry land after millions of years of 
evolution. Learn about archerfish who have evolved
to spit jets of water from their mouths to knock insects off of plants above the water. See our lizards and turtles and learn how they have adapted to their surroundings over millions of years!

Tropical Reef Zone…

Marvel at the carnival of colours within the reef fish tanks. Including puffer fish, lionfish, moray eels, cat shark, colourful tangs and many more other tropical species all in naturally themed exhibits. These reef fish are fed algae substitutes to keep them healthy every morning during our Hands On encounters.

Distance: 12 Miles

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Sea Quarium - Weston
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