Hiring Conditions

The Booking Conditions and Hiring Conditions together, form the basis of our hire agreement with the person responsible for the booking. Large print copies are available on request

No person other than by order of Sunningcrest Caravan Park is permitted to

  • tamper with the electrical installation of the hired caravan or park
  • tamper with the gas installation of the hired caravan or gas cylinders outside
  • tamper with the carbon monoxide or smoke detectors fitted in the hired caravan
  • dig a hole on the park (except on the sand play area)

Occupants of the hired caravan must

  • not create excessive noise or cause nuisance to others
  • must not use fire pits and may only use barbecues away from flammable items e.g the hired caravan, grass and shrubs, windbreaks, gazebos and gas bottles
  • only consume alcoholic drinks inside or directly in front of the hired caravan•not bring unlawful drugs, fireworks or firearms onto the park.
  • only use fire hose reels for the purpose of fighting a fire.
  • not climb trees, walls or other structures on the park
  • not climb the grass banks around the park


  • are the sole responsibility of their parents or guardians, and must be supervised at all times and in all areas of the park so they are not a danger to themselves or others
  • must not open or shut the entrance or exit gates due to a risk of rebound
  • must not play around the entrance or exit gates
  • must take care when crossing between the alleyway to and from the Launderette
  • may use bicycles, scooters, skateboards and other such equipment provided they observe the speed limit and we recommend parents ensure children wear protective clothing especially helmets
  • must not use bicycles or other equipment on grass areas, in a way that causes nuisance to others or down the hills on the steep Entrance or South Roads
  • may play ball games in the play areas, but not on the park


  • must kept on a lead or tether at all times whilst on the park
  • must not be left in the hired caravan or allowed to climb on seating and surfaces
  • must not be allowed to display aggressive behaviour towards people or other dogs
  • must not be allowed to cause nuisance by barking or damage any property
  • are not permitted in any of the play areas and must be exercised off the park
  • handlers must clear any waste left by a dog immediately and in the dog bins provided


  • Foreign items must not be introduced to the waste drains.
  • The grass area outside the caravan must be free from trip hazards after dark.
  • Tents are not permitted on the Park.
  • Washing Lines must be of the window sill type only.
  • The main gates must be kept closed at all times.
  • Vehicles must enter via the central gate and exit via the North or South gates.
  • The maximum speed limit is 8mph and be vigilant for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Motorhomes, lorries, vans or commercial vehicles are not permitted on the park.
  • Cars are not permitted on grass areas and may not mount the kerbs for any reason.
  • Items towed by vehicles such as boats, trailers, jet skis are not permitted.
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