Annual Costs.

The following are payable each year. When you join us they will be payable (pro-rata) in addition to the price of your caravan.

2020 fees - £3,384.00 (includes V.A.T). We do not charge any additional annual fees for rates or maintenance.

Electric - Individually metered and invoiced at the end of each season. Average £50- £100

LPG Gas - 47kg bottles @ £71.60. Average 1-3 bottles

Insurance -The park offers caravan insurance as an Appointed Representative of the Compass Insurance. Please contact the park office for further information or to obtain a quotation.

Open season :  Third Friday of March until 1st November.

Siting period :  Maximum 13 years, for holiday and recreational use only.

Residential use : is NOT permitted at Sunningcrest Caravan Park, under any circumstances. Owners are required to identify themselves with a driving license or passport. Owners must be living at an alternative residential address and must provide evidence of this, when requested, by way of a council tax demand, recent utility bill or HMRC notification.

Subletting : is NOT permitted.

Council tax : is NOT payable on holiday homes. If a caravan owner is unable to provide evidence of an alternative residential address, the local authority may issue a Council Tax demand in respect of the caravan. This would be in breach of the siting agreement issued by Sunningcrest Caravan Park, and the caravan owner would be required to remove the caravan from the park.


Purchase costs.

The prices listed on this website include all relevant setting up costs

Delivery & unloading, positioning & siting and connection to bottled LPG gas and mains electric (including all fittings and inspection reports). For a new caravan this would be £3,600 in addition to the cost of the caravan.

Accessories and connection to unmetered services - £1,850 (including connection to mains water and waste drains, steps, exterior storage box, anchors, axle stands, two 47kg LPG bottles and digital TV aerial).

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